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USMC - Glass Set

When you’ve got friends or family coming over for a birthday BBQ - what barware do you reach for? A boringly empty glass set or a high-definition; officially licensed USMC glassware set? There’s no question, at Shop Erazor Bits - our patriotic glassware set (complete with pint glass, shot glass, pilsner glass, and tankard) is the perfect gift to show your support for the men and women, brothers and sisters; moms and dads who protect our country. They also make the perfect gifts for US Marine Corps soldiers in active service and veterans to show your American Pride in their sacrifice. Honor, Service and Sacrifice are the values that this country was built on. Semper Fi - it’s time to show your support.

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If you support the Devil Dogs you’ll love ourSemper Fi glass set. Featuring the beloved mascot of the USMC (known lovingly as Chesty), its down to the German Army in World War I for this creation. In a decisive battle in World War I, German soldiers called the attacking Marines Teufel Hunden, meaning Devil-Dogs. Teufel-hunden were the ferocious mountain dogs of Bavarian folklore. Because of the tenacity of the breed - a dog that's Forged without Fear, the image took root with the Marines and remains an awesome reminder of the toughness of the USMC to this day.