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EMS - Glass Set

Get your drinks cabinet, mancave or mantuary stocked with some of the best-looking glassware in town while supporting the deserved men and women in America’s EMS and EMT departments. These heroes keep the Grim Reaper from the door with knowledge, skills, bravery, and commitment to saving our lives every day of the year - as the EMS joke runs, “Always on Call.” We’ve been making officially licensed EMS, Paramedic, and EMT glassware sets for almost thirty years. Each of our heavyweight glasses is made for resiliency and for whatever life throws at you. The glass sets include pint and pilsner glasses, shooters, and tankards - and all are printed right here in the USA, so you can bet these colors won’t run. It’s why they make such fantastic gifts for Patriotic brothers and sisters, moms and dads, EMTs, EMS and paramedic veterans, and those who are Proud to Still Serve. They’re also perfect for anyone who wants to show their pride in America’s unsung hometown heroes and make the perfect talking point at Poker Nights, BBQs, or really any occasion.

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Heroes EMS 4 Piece Glass Gift Set Sale Price $60.95 Regular Price $79.95
Volunteer EMS 4 Piece Glass Gift Set Sale Price $60.95 Regular Price $79.95
Tribute High Honor Red EMS 4 Piece Glass Gift Set Sale Price $60.95 Regular Price $79.95
EMS On Call For Life 4 Piece Glass Set Gift Set Sale Price $60.95 Regular Price $79.95
911 EMS Blue Skies 4 Piece Glass Gift Set Sale Price $60.95 Regular Price $79.95

EMS teams and paramedics treat nearly 20 million Americans every year. Many of these people have complex medical or traumatic conditions requiring extensive knowledge, skill, and split-second judgment. Others are critically injured, and the proper care can literally make the difference between life and death. They’ve been doing this since the early ambulances of 1922, and they’ve come on so far, but things can only get better if these teams have the support they need from True Blue American patriots like you and me. So let’s stand up and celebrate them 365 days a year, not just on EMS week (May 16 to May 23 for those wondering).

Unsure of what glass set to get? Check out our EMS Blue Skies 9/11 glassware. This commemorates the loss of life during the Twin Towers terrorist attack on New York while also honoring the brave men and women who worked diligently to save many more lives - truly, heroes who understood Service Before Self.

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