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EMS - Xmas Ornament

Is there a special someone of the EMS or EMT team in your life who you’d like to find the perfect Christmas gift for? Perhaps you want to thank them for all they do to serve our community, and there are countless reasons to want to honor our emergency medical service and first responders. Undoubtedly, their incredible actions during the current pandemic are more than enough reason to express our deepest gratitude to them. The truth is there may not be just one perfect gift that can adequately describe the appreciation and respect we all have for these frontline heroes, but a small contribution can make a big difference.

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The US Emergency Medical Services (or EMS) has been taking names and saving American asses for almost one hundred years. Right now, there are over 260,000 EMT professionals out on US streets and taking the calls that save American lives (they’ll answer over 2 million across the US per year). At Shop Erazor Bits, we’ve been making officially licensed EMS, Paramedic, and EMT Xmas ornaments for almost thirty years. Our baubles are thick porcelain, so you can be sure they’ll stand the test of time. We’re renowned for the superior quality of our decals, and each high-definition graphic is applied by hand (all printed right here in the USA). It’s why these exclusive Christmas baubles make such an excellent gift for moms and dads, veterans, those still on call, and anyone who feels it’s time to stand up and be counted amongst the supporters of our EMS and the sacrifices these American Heroes make every day. 

Want to thank a brave Irish paramedic and EMT service team player, check out our slate Ireland’s Best EMS ornament, which depicts the Star of Life and the snake and staff of the Rod of Asclepius with a silver city behind it. Indeed a fantastic present that a loved one won’t forget any time soon.

If you’re looking for something to honor those we lost on September 11th, 2001, you need to see our EMS Blue Skies 9/11 baubles. This tasteful decoration commemorates the loss of life during the Twin Towers terrorist attack on New York while also honoring the brave men and women who worked through several days and nights to save many more lives - these are true heroes who understood Service Before Self. The glassware features the Rod of Asclepius (that’s the snake and rod representing a mythological Greek doctor who resurrected people from the dead) and the blue Star of Life - the blazing emblem of our beloved EMS. It also depicts the glowing blue lights in the sky from ground zero, helping ensure that we Never Forget.