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USMC - Aluminum Sign

Need the perfect wall art for your home? Whether it’s for your bedroom, man cave, mantuary, lounge, garage, or kitchen - we’ve got your six with our officially licensed USMC aluminum signs. This high-definition US Marine Corps metal decor adds life, color, and respect to your home - they show your Patriotism and Pride without you having to say a thing. It’s why they make such great gifts for men and women, moms and dads, veterans; those in active service, and anyone who appreciates the sacrifices our Devil Dogs make for us every day of the year. Check out our very cool US Marine Corps sign - made with the official USMC standard in scarlet with the Corps emblem in gray and gold next to the awesome Old Glory. Just the sight of this strikes fear into America’s enemies and rallies our allies. Come Get Some.

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If you're looking for a classic USMC aluminum sign that shows its true colors and celebrates Marine brotherhood - check out ourDouble Flag sign which combines two incredible flags: the US Marines flag and the beautiful stars and stripes of Old Glory. You've also got the USMC emblem of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor - each a symbol of greatness in their own right. The American Bald Eagle represents a Marine's intimate bond with the United States: they serve country above all else. 

The Globe signifies the worldwide commitment of the Marine Corps and its areas of responsibility: Marines are ready to do battle, any time or place. The Anchor, whose origin dates back to the founding of the Marine Corps in 1775, represents close ties with the US Navy, not to mention the amphibious nature (Victory on Land and Sea) of a Marines' duties. With Semper Fi in silver foil (the motto of the USMC meaning 'Alway Faithful'), you've got an awesome sign that tells a epic story. Be the one to tell it.

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