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Firefighters - T-shirts

Looking for a shirt that not only looks the part but also represents everything that the proud brotherhood of US Firefighters stands for? We’ve got a wide range of patriotic gear that will represent everything that you stand for! Each of our USN shirts is made of 100% high-thread-count cotton with the quality that every American has come to expect. It’s time to feel good, stand up, and show your pride in a damn fine t-shirt.

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Everyone knows that United States Firefighters are anElite Breed - now you can show everyone that you are part of the same Brotherhood of the Thin Red Line. With Firefighters and an American Flag above the words ‘Bravery, Respect and Tradition’, you will inspire others to respect the greatest Firefighters on earth. For those who want a super-patriotic design, then theFirefighter Eagle tee shirt with an American Bald Eagle, the Flag of The United States of America, and Firefighter Shield will turn heads no matter where you go. Show off someAmerican Pride today! Here at Shop Erazor Bits, we cater for every American, which is why we even have a range for our brothers and sisters with an Irish Heritage - The Irish Brotherhood premium shirt design and theIrish Firefighter Gold Cross design are just two designs out of many that support the proud link between Ireland and America.

These shirts are truly the perfect gift for mom or dad, brother or sister, veteran or sailor on active duty who is proud to serve, or even someone who loves the incredible bravery and sacrifice that the United States Fire Department stands for.  We’ve had hundreds of customers find exactly what they’re looking for - whether for birthdays, Christmas, Veterans Day, or even retirement - they’re sure to put a smile on the loved one’s face - the least we can do for the sacrifice of these brave heroes.