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EMS - Long Sleeve

When the second count, the first people on the scene are the Emergency Medical Services (EMS), EMT, EMS, and Paramedics save millions of lives every year, but the support and praise for these brave heroes are severely lacking.

Working within intense situations, these courageous men and women have to control their emotions and think on their feet - even in the face of adversity where one false move could result in worse trauma or even death. These incredible people tough it up and fight the Grim Reaper on a daily basis; if that’s not a commitment, we don’t know what is.

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If your life were on the line, you’d want to know that the person giving you the support you need to be well looked after and respected. Here at Shop Erazor Bits, that’s why we started making graphics in the first place. To honor and remember those who are forgotten across America. Each of our officially licensed paramedic shirts enables you to show your Pride, Patriotism, and Support for these American heroes and thank them for their service. It’s why they make such fantastic gifts for Patriotic moms and dads, brothers and sisters, paramedics, EMS and EMT veterans, and those still out on the streets taking names and saving American asses and goingBeyond the Call of Duty. Our Paramedic long sleeves are built with solid workmanship and superior 100% pre-shrunk cotton to create a soft, breathable long sleeve that stands the test of time. Using high-definition graphics (printed right here in the USA), you know these colors won’t run. 

Check out our limited edition Skull Wings EMS long sleeve, which acts as a memento mori reminding us that death is never far away, but these brave heroes do all they can to prevent it. It’s also pictured with the Star of Life - the EMS symbol and the staff and snake, also known as the Rod of Asclepius.