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Poker - Towels & Blankets

Welcome to Shop Erazor Bits. We’ve been making poker merchandise for the best part of thirty years, and there’s no stopping us now. We all know poker is the king of card games. There’s nothing quite like it, especially as it’s not just a game of luck but a real game of bluffing, telling, and skill. Want to learn more about the history of poker? We think it’s as exciting and legendary as the card game itself, namely as it’s shrouded in mystery. Many believe the game arrived in America as “poque” (possibly being brought up the Mississippi delta with the French colonialists) and quickly morphed into the different versions we play today. Around this time, seven-card stud poker was introduced – although definitely less popular than Texas Hold’em and Omaha, which we find in casinos up and down the country (and in backs of bars on the down-low).

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Liquor Up Front Poker In The Rear Premium Blanket 34 reviews Sale Price $29.95 Regular Price $38.95
Know When To Holdem Premium Blanket Sale Price $29.95 Regular Price $38.95
Liquor Upfront Poker in the Rear Large Bath Beach Towel 33 reviews Sale Price $24.95 Regular Price $32.95
Poker Know When To Holdem Large Bath Beach Towel Sale Price $24.95 Regular Price $32.95

We don’t believe keeping warm has ever been so damn comfortable or entertaining when you use our limited edition poker blankets. Made of 100% polyester, these throws and blankets are ultra-soft and will stand up to washing and drying for years without losing their color or shape - they’re also highly wrinkle-resistant, so your high-definition print will show brightly for years to come. These blankets are built for a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams of cleaning house at the casino (who knows - maybe you’ll pick up a new trick in your sleep). Each of our high-definition graphics is printed right here in the USA, so you can bet these colors won’t run.

Check out our funny Know When to Hold ‘Em blanket. This awesome design is riffing on the classic song “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers, wherein a man down on his luck recounts his story. We’ve all likely heard those tales of fortune and disaster. It’s what makes poker so enjoyable to play. The blanket features a woman keeping her cards very close to her chest. They make the perfect gift for poker-playing moms and dads, brothers and sisters, coworkers and friends - anyone who likes to try their hand at the table and gets that thrill as the cards are turned (so basically everybody who’s ever played a round of poker).

Check out our pride-filled towels, too - these lightweight towels are crafted with 100% premium cotton to ensure they’re ultra-absorbent and maintain a fluffy softness for fast-drying action. At 30 x 60 inches, they’re the perfect addition whether you’re looking to show to remember your last big win in the shower or in the bath. Check out our Liquor Up Front, Poker in the Rear towel, which features a man’s three favorite things: whiskey, women, and cards and plays with the idea of the gambling den. Did you know? In the US, gambling is legal in 48 states in some capacity. It’s only Utah and Hawaii that have a 100% ban on it.

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