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EMS - Shot Glass

When you’re doing shots, you’ll want a glass that shows your patriotism and pride for your American values. That’s why we started making EMS Shooter Glass sets. We’ve been making awesome glassware that celebrates the fine First Responder men and women for almost thirty years. Our 2oz shooter glasses are made of premium heavy-weight glass, so you know you’re getting quality that’ll hold your drink while ensuring you don’t worry about the glass breaking when you make your toast. Since 1922 and the early ambulance services in the US that kick-started our Emergency Medical Services, paramedics and EMT teams have committed themselves to save American lives, with over 20 million are treated every year. But they need our help. EMS teams are often overlooked for their dedication, and to continue doing the hard work, they need to be recognized by more Americans. Our shooter sets help celebrate, honor, and commemorate their hard work. It’s why they make such great gifts for moms and dads, brothers and sisters - veterans of the EMS and those who still are Always on Call. We recommend bringing these glasses out at Poker Nights, BBQs, Parties - you name the occasion. They’re a great talking point to remind your friends and family why we need to respect and show our pride in the Medical Services.

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Our On-Call for Life shot glass makes the perfect gift for EMS veterans. They’re also great for anyone who wants to stand up and support our paramedic and ambulance teams—featuring the glowing blue six-pointed Star of Life (the universal symbol of emergency medical care - representing the six main tasks executed by medical services). Inside the star is the snake and staff in silver, which signifying the Staff of Asclepius, named after a Greek doctor who was thought to be the son of Apollo and known for his supernatural healing abilities and even resurrecting the dead. While our EMS teams might not have special powers, their hard work and dedication to saving lives are truly miraculous.