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Navy - Long Sleeve

Need a long sleeve that’ll keep you warm while making your pride for the US Navy known loud and clear. You’re in luck, here at Shop Erazor Bits, we’ve been making them for almost thirty years.

Our range of awesome long sleeve shirts is Second to None. Made of 100% premium pre-shrunk cotton with a high thread count, we’ve built these shirts like a Zumwalt class battleship so you can expect them to stand the test of time, whatever you throw at them. These shirts make a great gift for moms and dads, brothers and sisters, veterans and hardcore sailors on active duty who are proud to serve.

They’re also awesome for anyone who loves the work of the incredible men and women who stand as our first and last defense. There’s a reason that Pride Runs Deep. Whatever the occasion - birthdays, Christmas, Veterans Day, or even retirement - these are a surefire way to show you care.

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Fan of the builders of the world’s finest ships? Check out our SeabeesBorn to Build, Trained to Fight long sleeve, or ourWe Build We Fight shirt - both are immensely popular with bikers and rockers and those who think battleships and destroyers are like modern art. Only Picasso never blew a house-size hole in another ship.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, our Sea is Ours longsleeve shirt is a classic. Featuring the USN seal alongside a gigantic golden anchor and the American Bald Eagle looking proud as its possible for a bird of prey to look, what’s not to like? We’ve a range of these shirts available in aquamarine, so you can show your true blue American patriotism. Our Full Print Eagle long sleeve shirt is another refined classic that our fans adore. You done reading and ready to drop anchor? Come Get Some