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General Military - Pilsner Glass

These tall and slender glasses, shaped like the tip of an RGM-84 missile, are perfect for capturing the sparkling colors of your Pils while maintaining its head. Our glasses are also heavy-weighted and premium quality so you know they’ll stand the test of time. They’re printed right here in the USA with a high definition print, making them the go-to glasses for any military fan or US patriot and make the perfect gift for any mom or dad, work-colleague, or veteran or serviceman in active duty. They’re a reminder of the sacrifices our American brothers and sisters make in the defense of our country every day of the damn year. From the forging of our nation in battle in 1775, the US military has carved out a piece of the world’s history for us and they continue to do so today.

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Check out ourThese Colors Don’t Run Pilsner glasses if you’re looking for a handsome glass featuring an awesome American Bald Eagle in midflight and the awesome stars and stripes of the US Flag (hello Old Glory) up close and personal.

According to the Pentagon's Defense Prisoner of War and Missing in Action Office, there are currently 83,204 unaccounted for US personnel. For those who remember a loved one that’s been a POW (prisoner of war) or MIA (missing in action), we have a range of glasses that help you to drink to remember. Our True Heroescommemorative glass features the silhouette of a soldier with a guard tower and barbed wire, the American Eagle here has its head lowered alongside the bannered words “True Heroes are the ones who never made it home.” It’s a resonant reminder of the sacrifices and risks the brave men and women of our Armed Forces make in active deployment.