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Army - Aluminum Sign

Whether you're looking to show off your love for this country or are a proud veteran serving on active duty, we have something special for everyone! From signs that can be hung up at home and artwork for the office, patio, or garage, Shop Erazor Bits has it all.

Say, “I love America!” with our selection of aluminum signs!

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These Colors Dont Run Patriotic Aluminium Sign Decor Sale Price $18.95 Regular Price $24.95
Home of the Free USMC Marine Corps Aluminium Sign Decor Sale Price $18.95 Regular Price $24.95
POW MIA Brotherhood US Military Aluminium Sign Decor Sale Price $18.95 Regular Price $24.95

This We’ll Defend

Since 1775, the Army reflects our nation's history—we fight for what’s right, support others, and provide American’s opportunities for development and advancement regardless of socioeconomic standing, background, race, or gender.

Our Army defends our lives no matter what. Why not give them something back to show our appreciation? You can’t go wrong with patriotic aluminum signs from Shop Erazor Bits!

Made with sturdy aluminum, Shop Erazor Bits’ signs are printed in the U.S. and are 8x12 in size—a perfect centerpiece! It also has holes in the top and bottom so that you can hang it almost anywhere. Last but not least, they are all shrink-wrapped!

There are 3 Army signs to choose from:

1. Ronald Reagan once said, “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don’t have that problem.” Nothing says “I’m a Marine and I’m proud” better than a Home of the Free USMC Marine Corps Sign!

2.  Americans never run from the truth; they always face it head-on. These Colors Don’t Run Patriotic Aluminum Sign Decor has a brilliant bald, a shiny gold background, and the magnificent American flag to show off in your home.

3. There are a considerable amount of United States servicemen and women who are missing in action or prisoners of war. Let’s honor those who are still lost with a POW MIA Brotherhood Sign.

Patriotic Gifts for Americans

Shop Erazor Bits helps you share patriotic pride with our selection of All-American apparel, artwork, accessories, decals, household goods, and lots more! So every Military member, Law Enforcement, First Responder, Firefighter, Veteran, Electrician, Welder, Trucker, Mechanic, Miner, Fisherman, Poker Player, Hunter, and other patriots can enjoy a memorable gift.

Every man in your life, from your Dad to your Husband, Brother, Uncle, or Son, will be grateful for a present that makes them feel special.

We have just the thing for Father’s Day, Birthdays, Retirement, Anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, or Veterans Day! Shop Erazor Bits offers inexpensive gifts that are perfect for you!

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Shop Erazor Bits

Shop Erazor Bits was established in 1993 to celebrate the history of America and carry on its legacy. So visit our site today for premium, unique merchandise. Of course, we take pride into consideration when it comes to every detail so that no U.S Armed Forces member will be left out with artwork catering specifically for them!

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