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Air Force - Long Sleeve

Ever see MCMXLVII with the US Air Force, it’s because that’s when it all started: 1947. Since then the USAF has been like the American Bald Eagle - dominators of the world’s skies.

Whether with missiles, fighter jets or incredible pilots and engineers, the United States Air Force is a Second to None fighting machine and we believe Patriotic Americans should be able to show their pride in these Defenders of Freedom.

Moms and dads, brothers and sisters - we all know someone who is Proud to Have Served. Our veteran long sleeves feature the Air Force star shield with double American flags making it the perfect gift.

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Air Force Proud To Have Served Premium Long Sleeves Sale Price $30.95 Regular Price $40.95
Air Force In Stone One Star Premium Long Sleeves 8 reviews Sale Price $30.95 Regular Price $40.95
Air Force Star Shield Premium Long Sleeves Sale Price $30.95 Regular Price $40.95
Air Force Patriotic Flag Premium Long Sleeves Sale Price $30.95 Regular Price $40.95
Double Flag Air Force Eagle Premium Long Sleeves Sale Price $30.95 Regular Price $40.95
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Air Force Second To None Premium Long Sleeves Sale Price $30.95 Regular Price $40.95

For bikers and rockers, ourAir Force Brotherhood long-sleeve shirt is a bestseller featuring its silver foil aviator badge and 13 white stars. This awesome design features the steel wings that are so well recognized by airmen. Since the Second World War, the wings have been used in the military, acting as qualification badges of the USAF that are awarded to personnel who serve as aircrew members onboard military aircraft. Ready to rise above with incredible, officially licensed USAF long sleeves?  Fly-Fight-Win. 

For a classic design long-sleeve, check out our premium United States Air Force Missile shirt. Featuring an Eagle holding up the USAF crest. The American Bald Eagle represents America as well as USAF’s power to strike from above and domination of the skies. The eagle's proud head is turned to the right and symbolizes facing the enemy - looking toward the future and not dwelling on past deeds. The inner crest of the shield shows a cluster of lightning bolts or arrows, also termed Zeus or Jupiter's thunderbolt - used for striking down the mythological god’s enemies. 

We know that many Americans have their head in the clouds. They don’t recognize the sacrifices that our Air Force makes every day for their Liberty and Freedom. Our original and instantly recognizable USAF t-shirts help bring them back down to Earth. Come get some today.

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