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USMC - Stoneware

When waking up. there’s nothing better than a fresh cup of coffee and there’s no better mug to drink it from than one from our USMC stoneware range. These collector’s edition, officially licensed mugs are the perfect addition to any home, celebrating your Patriotism and Pride in our beloved US Marine Corps. The high-definition printed decals are each applied by hand and fired in a kiln at low temperatures to keep the stone tough and durable for years to come.

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USMC Badge Of Honor Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
Double Flag Gold Glob Marine Corps Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
Never Retreat Never Surrender Marine Corps Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
Semper Fi Chrome Dog Marine Corps Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
Eagle USMC Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
DOUBLE FLAG Gold Glob Marine Corps Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
Once And Always A Marine Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
USMC Sword Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
USMC-Semper Fidelis Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95
Marine Devil Dog First In Last Out Coaster Ivory Sale Price $14.95 Regular Price $23.95

Our most popular stoneware designs have to be our whiteBadge of Honor coffee cup decorated with the US Marines logo and printed with Semper Fi and Honor, Service and Sacrifice. It’s truly an inspired print. Each of our mugs and coasters makes a great gift for brothers and sisters; moms and dads - veterans and troops in active service or anyone who feels we need to support and celebrate our Leathernecks. 

We’ve also made a broad range of limited-edition coasters to complement your stone mugs - we’d recommend checking out the awesome Eagle USMC Coaster and our First In Last Out coaster for a more humorous touch. Not only are these are ultra-absorbent and durable, but the incredibly detailed prints will also have you shouting OORAH at the table every time you see them. Where does the Devil Dog mascot come from? We’re glad you asked. Its actually thanks to the German Army in World War I. In a decisive battle at Belleau Wood, German soldiers called the attacking Marines, the Teufel Hunden, which means Devil-Dogs. Teufel-hunden were ferocious mountain dogs of German folklore. Because of the fearless nature of the breed - a dog that's literally Forged without Fear, the image took root and remains an awesome reminder of the toughness and resilience of the USMC to this day. The marines have a bulldog mascot forever named Chesty, named after the renown Marine warrior, Chesty Puller. Despite only being 5”7, he made an incredible impact on many American victories. Just a simple reminder good things come in small packages - just like these coffee mugs. 

For a popular choice, check out our Double Flag mug available in both black and white. This features the Marine Corps emblem, officially adopted in 1868.  The emblem represents what the USMC stands for: the past, and the future. There are three basic components of the Marine Corps emblem. The American Bald Eagle is the national symbol of the United States, and is the one part of the emblem which readily identifies the Marine Corps with the United States. The eagle proudly carries a streamer in its beak which bears the motto of the Corps, Semper Fidelis which means Always Faithful. 

The Globe emphasizes the close ties between the US Marine Corps and the British Royal Marines, the idea of a globe as part of the emblem comes from the emblem of the Royal Marines. A major difference is the Royal Marines' emblem shows the Eastern Hemisphere, while the USMC emblem shows the Western Hemisphere. Today, the globe symbolizes the global coverage of the Marine Corps commitments which have evolved in the 20th century. 

The Anchor in in the EGA is not just a plain anchor but a fouled anchor, which means it has been hooked on something in the ground, or has its cable wound around it. The anchor emphasizes the close ties of the Marine Corps with the US Navy and that America’s fighting forces stand together against tyranny. If that doesn’t sound like something to stand up for and be proud of, we don’t know what does. Come get some today.

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