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Worker - Long Sleeve

The perfect long-sleeved shirts that show American Patriotism were once hard to find. Not anymore. Welcome to Shop Erazor Bits.

Our long sleeve shirts are made for warmth and toughness and are printed right here in our beloved USA. Each of our US Worker long sleeve designs supports the American industries that our brothers and sisters, moms, dads, and friends work in every day. From the tough-as-boots Carpenters, Miners, Mechanics, Welders, Steelworkers, and Electricians to the passionate Postal Workers and Truckers who keep on moving day and night.

For a gift that ultimately gets hard work, our American Worker long-sleeves remain the popular choice and you’ll be pleased to know, all of our long sleeves are printed right here in the USA so you can bet they’ll stand the test of time, whatever you throw at them.

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Trucker Hell On Wheels Premium Long Sleeves Sale Price $30.95 Regular Price $40.95
American Iron Worker Premium Long Sleeves Sale Price $30.95 Regular Price $40.95
American Pipe Fitter Premium Long Sleeves Sale Price $30.95 Regular Price $40.95

Did you know that in the US alone, 8.9 million people have a job in the truck industry and 3.5 million of these are truck drivers? These dedication men and women weeks at an end out running the open roads and running the nights with their pedal to the metal. We know hammerlane takes a lot of stress, but that’s why you love it. Whether your eighteen-wheeler is a Kenworthy, Peterbilt or Mack - our long sleeve shirts are a great reminder of why diesel trucks beat sports cars everytime. OurChrome to the Bone long sleeves is one of our most popular shirts with its awesome truck engine skull and the words “Diesel Runs Deep.” This’ll get your gasoline-filled tears pouring in seconds. For a more classic long sleeve design, check out our American Trucker long sleeve in gray. This shirt features an awesome American Bald Eagle next to a formidable big rig with the stars and stripes of our US flag behind them (hello Old Glory Old Friend). We know this will go down a damn treat.

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