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2nd Amendment Blanket

A good blanket on a cold night is worth its weight in gold. But what if you could have a snug and soft blanket while still defending your Constitution and your Right to Bear Arms? Now you can with our range of 2nd Amendment blankets and throws. These blankets are made for true patriots who sleep with one eye open against the forces of tyranny and oppression. Whether you’re looking for something patriotic to take to the beach, throw on the couch or take to bed, we’ve got the perfect blanket. What’s more, they’re all printed right here in the USA so you know you’re getting premium quality.

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Most popular has to be ourOld Glory USA Flag blanket which works in any situation with those glorious stars and stripes - it’s truly inspirational. The original "Old Glory" flag was owned by the 19th-century American sea captain William Driver who flew the flag during his career at sea and later brought it to Nashville, Tennessee, where he settled. The name "Old Glory" was loudly shouted by Driver in 1824 as he hoisted the flag and it’s been that way ever since. If you’re looking for a blanket that inspires American Liberty and Justice for All. This is the blanket for you.

Our bright yellow Gadsen Flag Don’t Treat On Me blanket is also a great choice for letting your Pride and Support for the Second Amendment known. Inspired by Christopher Gadsden’s original design in 1765. The Rattlesnake feels like the perfect symbol to describe American Patriotism. It’s found in no other place in the world, it has great vision and "may therefore be esteemed an emblem of vigilance.” (as Ben Franklin says) and while rattlesnakes never begin an attack, when engaged, they never surrender - making them the true symbol of courage.

If you’re really need to make a statement - try our Come and Take It blanket featuring two AR15 style rifles. Come and Take It, stems from the Ancient Greek phrase, Molon Labe. It was supposedly shouted by King Leonidas of Sparta to the demand that his soldiers lay down their weapons made by King Xerxes and inspires the story of the 300 by Frank Miller. We think its the perfect defiant response to any attempts by the US government to confiscate your firearms.  Come Get Some today.

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