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Pilsner Glass

Forget about boring, plain glasses. Shop Erazor Bits is here to the rescue with our outstanding collection of novelty, patriotic pilsner glassware that will represent you as an authentic American!
Our pilsner glasses will impress all your USA-loving friends with their long, slender shape, high-quality glass, and brightly colored graphics.
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Have a Drink on Us

Are you a beer enthusiast? If so, then you know that the shape of a glass makes all the difference when enjoying a nice cold, bubbly beverage. Whether you like to party or not, there is nothing like an ice-cold drink in a glass that represents the one thing you love most: your incredible country.

The pilsner glass is a traditional style—skinny and tall with a wider rim. This is ideal for showing off golden-colored beers while still retaining the foam at the top. It is recommended that you drink pale lagers or pilsners (hence the name!).

These unique pilsner glasses from Shop Erazor Bits will sit proudly on your countertop. It holds an impressive 23 ounces, so you can drink a hefty pour without having to refill constantly. Each of our glasses is heavy weighted, and the quality is superb. And if you need a cool bar gift for your comrades, buy a pilsner glass in sets of 2, 4, or 6, or even a case of 12 or 24!

The Best Gift, You Ask?

American barware is what Shop Erazor Bits do best! Did you know that the right drinkware can be a special present? We’re not talking about an expensive one, either…

Our pilsner glasses are affordable and will be loved among everyone you know—Veterans, Soldiers, Servicemen or women, Military members, Law Enforcement workers, First Responders, Firefighters, EMS workers, Electricians, Welders, Mechanics, Truckers, Miners, Poker Players, Hunters, Fishermen, Dads, Moms, Sons, Daughters, Grandparents, Husbands, Wives, Brothers, or Sisters—it’s hard not to like a patriotic cocktail glass!

If you or someone you love is in the army, marines, or navy, then you need to look at our top 3 best sellers: Army Double Flag US Army Pilsner Glass, Double Flag Gold Globe Marine Corps Pilsner Glass, and Double Flag Eagle Navy Shield Pilsner Glass.

And if you want a fun night with the buds, why not play poker, smoke cigars, and drink out of these funny and novelty glasses: Know When to Hold Them Poker Pilsner Glass, I Got The Nutz Poker Pilsner Glass, and Liquor Up Front Poker in the Rear Pilsner Glass.

You can also check out our glassware gift sets! Each set comes with one 23oz Pilsner glass, a 16oz Pint glass, a 25oz Tankard Glass, and one of our 2oz shooter shot glasses.

Share Your American Pride with the Best Gift

America is hands down the most magnificent place on Earth, and we are here to help you remember that with our patriotic merchandise, made with your freedom and equality in mind.

We are experts at curating the perfect gift selection for your loved ones! With our comprehensive collection of products, you will surely find something that makes them feel appreciated, especially after their hard work fighting, serving, defending, or working hard for our country to prosper.

Shop Erazor Bits knows how hard it can be when you're shopping around a budget—particularly during the holidays. So, if there's one thing we do well here, it is to make sure you get what suits both your taste and price point.

From day-to-day necessities like glassware and coasters all the way up through thoughtful presents like our clothing and accessories, there is something for every American!

Your friends and family will adore their All-American present. Whether it's for the men in your life: Husbands, Fathers, Brothers, Grandpa, Uncles, Son, or even your Friends, Co-workers, Veterans, Mother, Daughters, Grandma, Wife, Sister, and Aunt, they will love their gift just as much as they love their country!

Share the gift-giving at any event like barbeque cookouts, football games, shooting ranges, fishing trips, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and so much more.

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