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It’s time to get patriotic, America! It's our duty as citizens to always be proud of this great country.It’s not just about celebrating our independence but being fashionable while doing so. Get dressed for success by sporting one of these awesome short-sleeved shirts from Shop Erazor Bits - they are sure to turn heads wherever you go.
Shop now! The Home of the Brave is waiting.

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We The People 2nd Amendment Premium Men's T-Shirt 635 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
2nd Amendment Brotherhood T-Shirt 642 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
2nd Amendment I Am Your HuckleBerry Premium T-Shirt 633 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
Molon Labe T-Shirt with *FREE DECAL worth $7.95* 627 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
USMC-Semper Fidelis Premium T-Shirt 170 reviews Sale Price $23.95 Regular Price $31.95
Don't Tread On Me Premium T-Shirt 619 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
2nd Amendment Skull Of Freedom T-Shirt 639 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
2nd Amendment If Only I Had a Gun Premium T-Shirt 620 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
Come And Take It Pit Bull Premium Men's T-Shirt 583 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
2nd Amendment Protect Ourselves Premium Men's T-Shirt 643 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
Double Flag Gold Globe Marine Corps Premium T-Shirt 162 reviews Sale Price $23.95 Regular Price $31.95
USMC Brotherhood Premium T-Shirt 145 reviews Sale Price $23.95 Regular Price $31.95
2nd Amendment God, Guns & Country Premium Men's T-Shirt 581 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
2nd Amendment The Right of the People Patriot Premium Men's T-Shirt 638 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
2nd Amendment Original Homeland Security Premium Men's T-Shirt 636 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
2nd Amendment In Guns We Trust Premium T-Shirt 581 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
MAHI Dolphin Fish Beyond The Break Premium T-Shirt 66 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95
Liquor Up Front Premium T-Shirt 46 reviews Sale Price $22.95 Regular Price $29.95

Our Heart Beats Red, White, and Blue

Wear your patriotism on your chest! Show off the US of A with a stylish t-shirt that will show how much pride you have and have others jealous of your new fashion sense.

The United States has never been more fashionable than today—especially when you're wearing an item from our latest collection featuring patriotic prints for all occasions: Independence Day parties, Memorial Days picnics, Fourth of July name it!

Let the shirts do the talking by wearing Shop Erazor Bits’ cool-looking clothing proudly around town; everyone will know just how happy we live where stars & stripes fly free no matter what state, season, or holiday.

We Are All Patriots

U.S. Military members in every branch, Coast Guard, Marine Corps Army, Air Force, and Navy, should be continuously commended for their honorable sacrifice and duty to their country. In addition, First Responders, Firefighters, EMS, and Law Enforcement should be proud of their heroic acts in their fields.

Shop Erazor Bits also provides apparel for the equally hard-working Fishermen, Electricians, Miners, Mechanics, Hunters, Welders, Truckers, and even Poker Players with our Lifestyle & Humor collection

Wear It on Your Sleeve

Living the American dream can mean a lot of things to different people. But to wear your pride on a t-shirt is entering a whole other ball game. Have your honorable profession on a top front and center so everyone can be proud alongside you.

Printed right here in the United States, Shop Erazor Bits has high-definition, limited-edition T-shirts that are 100% Pre-shrunk Cotton and come in most adult sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, XXX-Large, 4XL, and 5XL.

The Land of the Free is hands down the best place to live in. It's a country that takes pride and patriotism very seriously. Show off your true colors with these stylish American-themed tops.

The Home of the Brave is known for its iconic symbols - including Uncle Sam, the liberty bell, apple pie, and cheeseburgers. But now we can add another one: a bald eagle holding a gun! Yeah, you read that right. Our 2nd Amendment Brotherhood T-Shirt will have these anti-rights people shaking in their boots. Remind them just how important the U.S. Constitution is and protect your right to bear arms. Join the brotherhood and defend your freedom!

The Latin phrase “Semper Fidelis,” meaning “always faithful,” is a motto that Marines firmly stand by. Our bold USMC-Semper Fidelis Premium T-Shirt has a premium-quality print of an American bald eagle, a shiny gold and silver globe symbolizing the Marines’ worldwide commitment, and the anchor representing their duties and close relationship with the Navy.

Self-defense is not only our right but also our duty. Shop Erazor Bits’ We The People 2nd Amendment Premium Men’s T-Shirt has the words, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed,” stated proudly on the back, below a brightly colored image of the 2nd Amendment badge with two guns, and the infamous red, white, and blue stars and stripes. Be sure to wear this to your local shooting range and bond with your fellow brothers and sisters!

All our Shop Erazor Bits designs are also sold as Long Sleeves and Hoodies so you can keep wearing your pride no matter what season!

Appreciate Your Heroic Loved Ones

Whatever political party you support, we can all agree that our country, protected by a constitution, grants us freedoms that not many other countries have the privilege to experience. The United States of American is run by the people, for the people. This should be all the more reason to show your appreciation for democracy and the most blessed country on the planet.

We’re living proof that our country is a melting pot where people from all over come together to form one nation under God. If you want others to know about what makes us great, then let them see it right as they walk by--let your clothes do the talking!

This July 4th, be proud to show off your American pride whether you are relaxing on the beach or just driving around town; express how much it means for America's founding fathers' values of equality and bravery.

Great Gift Giving

Shop Erazor Bits’ merchandise is also perfect for many other occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Retirement, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Holidays—you name it!

Get our top-ten gifts for men, husbands, fathers, brothers, grandpa, friends, co-workers, veterans. Your Neighbor, Uncle, Aunt, Wife, Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Sister, Brother, or Friend will absolutely enjoy your gift of American pride—100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Since 1993, over a million American men and women have thoroughly enjoyed our patriotic t-shirts, long sleeves, hooded t-shirts, apparel, face masks, accessories, glassware, stoneware, household items, and so much more.

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Shop Erazor Bits

The quality of our products is uncompromisable. Every item undergoes a rigorous inspection before it leaves the warehouse (located right here in the USA) and arrives in your home, ensuring that you will never be disappointed with any purchase. So, benefit from these fantastic prices while they last!

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