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Do you want to make a statement when it comes to your party or special event? Then, go for the tankard glass that is not only extremely durable but also has a meaningful message behind it: an undeniable love for the USA and its citizens.
You won’t want to feel FOMO on this one! Shop now.


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Army Double Flag US Army 25oz Tankard Glass Set Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
USMC Sword Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
Double Flag Gold Globe Marine Corps Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
POW True Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
You Will Never Be Forgotten Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
USMC-Semper Fidelis Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
USMC Badge Of Honor Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
Double Flag Eagle POW Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
POW True Heroes Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
American Soldier Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
High Price Of Freedom Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
Once And Always A Marine Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
Marine Devil Dog First In Last Out Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
Eagle USMC Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
Never Retreat Never Surrender Marine Corps Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95
Semper Fi Chrome Dog Marine Corps Tankard Sale Price $27.95 Regular Price $36.95

In Beer We Trust

Pour up, America! With the 25oz Tankard Glass from the best patriotic online store, you'll be sipping and relaxing in no time. Carefully crafted, this cup is sure to make a statement with its classic American style that will last for years of enjoyment.

Shop Erazor Bits presents premium quality glassware that is made to last. Each glass has a touch of personality, making it center stage in any kitchen. With their heavy-weighted glass, our tankards are sure to impress with their durability. You won’t ever be concerned about your drink spilling when using this cup! The thick glass will keep it insulated, and the handle will allow you to grab and go without making a mess.

The party doesn’t start until you arrive. So don’t let it ever end with tankard glass sets of 2, 4, or 6. For bigger groups, buy a case of 12 or 24.

Share a glass of bubbly with your brothers and sisters in an Eagle USMC Marine Corps Tankard Glass. The Marine’s motto “Semper Fidelis” is highlighted at the top with an image of an iconic bald eagle, globe, anchor, as well as the acronym “USMC” at the bottom.

This Memorial Day, pour one out for the lost women and men who will always be remembered. The POW True Tankard is incredibly heartfelt with the sayings, “All Gave Some, Some Gave All” and “You Are Not Forgotten.”

Whether you’re active duty, reserve, or a veteran, the Army Double Flag US Army Tankard Glass deserves to be on your shelf! Hold it like a trophy as you toast to an honorable fight.

Presents for the Fighters

Nothing says support for the troops like a gift from Shop Erazor Bits. Millions of citizens defend our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy. Why not give back love to the people who have sacrificed their lives so you can live yours?

Shop Erazor Bits has what you need: a present that shows your admiration for your loved ones, whether they are Military members, Law Enforcement, First Responders, EMS workers, Firefighters, Veterans, Soldiers, Electricians, Welders, Poker Players, Truckers, Mechanics, Miners, Fishermen, and Hunters.

We are happy to provide cost-saving gifts that will make your life easier. The quality of our clothing, household goods, and other unique merchandise is unmatched. Our items can be used or worn at any event, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Holidays, sports games, fishing trips, barbeques, shooting ranges, and more.

Proud patriots will love to show off the US of A with this special gift. Give some of our top present ideas with your Neighbor, Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Grandparent, Husband, Wife, Sister, Brother, Uncle, Aunt, or Friend!

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Shop Erazor Bits

We ensure quality in all our products. When you shop at Shop Erazor Bits, know that each product has gone through rigorous checks before being approved for sale, so no detail will go unnoticed on your purchase! Our merchandise reflects how much love and patriotism goes into making these items just right for their new home - yours! We're here to help celebrate America as one nation under God in every way possible; let's do this together using our awesome apparel, glassware, accessories & more!

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